Best Foods That Increase Breast Size

Are you looking for best foods that increase breast size quickly and naturally? This article clearly explains what to eat to enhance your breast size fast.

What Foods To Eat To Increase Breast Size

If breast size really matters for you, but you do not want to resort to surgery and unnatural approaches, then you should learn about foods that increase breast size. One of your issues when it comes to your physical appearance is your breast size. In order to put and end to your dilemma, you should start taking in foods that are rich in estrogen as these could help enlarge your cup size.

What Is Estrogen?

Before you learn about the foods that could stimulate breast growth, it is beneficial to know what estrogen is. Basically, estrogen is a female sex hormone that is responsible for the growth of breast tissues. Too much estrogen levels could trigger ailments such as breast cancer while too low levels could put you at risk for hormonal imbalance. However, adequate levels could promote normal reproductive functions as well as bosom growth.

Estrogen is naturally occurring in the foods that we eat in the form of “phytoestrogen”. This can be further divided into three categories such as the following:


Foods To Increase Breast Size Soya Bean Sprouts Recipe

Isoflavones is described as a natural compound that commonly exists in plants. Legumes such as beans are known for its high isoflavones content as well as soybeans. With this, consuming ample amount of beans as well as soy and soy products like tofu and soy milk can help you enhance your breast size. This is because the composition of isoflavones is comparable to that of estrogen making it very effective if you wish to have larger breasts.


Lignans is generally found in seeds as well as vegetables and fruits. The best sources of lignans include legumes such as kale and broccoli that have extremely high concentrations of lignans. Other vegetables that are also enriched with this estrogen like substance include cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower and sauerkraut.

Seeds are also excellent sources of lignans. The best examples include sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, cashews and peanuts. But if you wish to get the highest concentration of lignans, you should add a lot of flax seeds in your meals.


Coumenstants have almost the same components as isoflavones. Some good examples of foods rich with this estrogen like substance include soybean, lima beans, pinto beans, split peas, clover sprouts as well as alfalfa. You may incorporate these food items in your soups or salads for better flavors.

This Infographic Explains About Breast Augmentation Foods and Breast Size Averages

foods that increase breast size

Conclusion Of Foods That Increase Breast Size

The development of your breasts depends largely on estrogen. When you hit the stage of puberty, the augmentation of you physique is actually determined by your estrogen levels. Due to this, you may not be as voluptuous or curvy compared to others. But then, you can still hope as you can naturally grow your breasts by simply eating foods that are rich in estrogen that is all mentioned above. You will notice that even a simple tofu could make a huge improvement on your breast size.

However, consuming foods that increase breast size alone will not make wonders. You should also combine this to other breast enlargement like breast massage, exercise as well as the use of natural pills and cream in order to achieve optimal results.

We would love to hear your thoughts on foods that increase breast size, so please feel free to add to the discussion.

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