Does Birth Control Increase Breast Size?

If you are among millions of women who ask: does birth control increase breast size? Well, the good news is: YES. However, although birth control pills could make your breasts bigger, it depends on how your body responds to the pill and other factors. At times, the duration also matters. Plus, these pills are not only known to increase breast size, but they could also cause weight gain.

Why Taking Pills Could Increase Breast Size?

Birth control pills could make your breasts become bigger because one of its main components is estrogen. It is a female hormone that is totally responsible for the development of breast. When you take such pill, your body can get tricked. Since ovulation stops when you are on birth control, your body may think you are pregnant.

When this happens, you will not get pregnant. Yet, you will have a bigger cup size. This could occur in most women, but remember that not all may experience breast growth at all. There are birth control pill brands that can grow your breasts bigger than others. Some birth control pills contain progesterone alone and they do not cause breast growth. But then, if you take those that contain progesterin and estrogen, your chances of getting bigger breasts is more likely.

Moreover, your breasts could also increase in size while taking birth control pills as they cause fluid retention. The extra fluid can go to your breasts, so your breast could become bigger not because of the increase in body mass or fat, but due to retained fluid.

Which Type Increases Breast Size?

Since birth control pills vary, there are those that can significantly increase breast size. Some of the best examples of pills that could contribute to bigger breasts include:

  • Modicon
  • Zovia
  • Necon
  • Lenessa
  • Tricyclen

These are some of the birth control brands that could help your increase your breast size. Just take note that weight gain can be a common effect. Also, the effects can become noticeable depending on your body. Not everyone responds to the pill in the same way. Some women may experience highly noticeable effects while others only see minimal changes.

Does Birth Control Increase Breast Size? – The Answer to Your Question

Does Birth Control Increase Breast Size

It is true that birth control could increase your cup size. However, the breast growth could reverse when you stop taking the pill. Also, there are cases where there can also be a mass or tissue growth. This can be accompanied by tingling or tenderness. If you go off the birth control pill, this symptom will go away.

The Problems with The Birth Control Pill

Watch the video below by Dr. Sherrill Sellman, the author of Hormone Heresy: Exactly what women HAS GOT TO understand… A lot of women that taking the birth control pill have very little idea…

Friendly Reminders

If you wish to take birth control pills, make sure that you consult this matter to your doctor. Inform him of your concerns and needs about this birth control method. You should also talk about how much of the pill you will take. Basically, the higher the dosage of the pill, the greater percentage of getting bigger breasts. Since such pill comes with possible side effects, most doctors prescribe the lowest dosage possible to avoid pregnancy.

To avoid any complications and to answer the question: “does birth control increase breast size?” the recommendation of the health professional should be sought.

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