Herbs That Increase Breast Size

Using herbs that increase breast size is something that is not really new. The use of breast enhancement herbs can be dated back to centuries and is employed in different cultures all around the globe.

But then, it is just now that modern science is appreciating the benefits of “phytoestrogen” contents of herbs that help in increasing cup size.

List of Herbs That Increase Breast Size

Herbs That Increase Breast Size

These herbs are known to have enhancing effects on the breast tissues:

1. Saw Palmetto

Saw PalmettoSaw palmetto is not only an effective herbal treatment for enlarged prostate. It is also highly recommended for you if you wish to increase your breast size. Dating back the Mayan civilizations, saw palmetto are used to treat breast disorders and later on for enhancing the profile and fullness of the breast. Botanists during the early periods have also noted that animals that were fed by saw palmetto berries had enhance muscle tone and achieved more robustness. Other than making the breasts bigger, saw palmetto has multiple uses such as toning the urethra as well as promoting a healthy thyroid function.

2. Fennel

FennelThis herb has been used for hundreds of years to improve the size of breast and promote production of milk for nursing mothers. It contains high amounts of estrogenic compounds that are very vital in the growth and development of breast tissues. This herb can be massaged on the breast as lotion or taken as tea. It is also rich in phyto-nutrients that can significantly increase your breast size.

3. Fenugreek

FenugreekCan using fenugreek increase your breast size? This herb is known for its big role in ancient healing using herbs. It could cure a variety of illnesses such as indigestion, diarrhea, coughs and high cholesterol levels. But then, it is very notable for its high phytoestrogen content as well as prolactin that are both necessary for enlarging the breast. This can be mixed with lotion, capsule and massaged onto your breast or be made infused as tea.

4. Wild Yam

Wild YamWild yam is one of the highly used herbs that increase breast size and promote health in women. It can give the best benefits to your reproductive system as it eases menopausal and premenstrual issues. Its phytonutrients content works great in stimulating your breast to make it larger and fuller. It can be taken as tea and also incorporated to your lotion. It is also available in capsule preparations.

5. Red Clover

Red CloverThis herb can be used not only to treat coughs, but to make your breasts bigger as well. It is rich in phytoestrogens as well as genistein compounds that is highly beneficial for the growth of breast tissues since it binds with receptors of estradiol that is closely linked with the development of breasts.

6. Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria MirificaThis herb is indigenous to Thailand. It’s one of the most popular natural herbs to increase breast size. It contains high amounts of phytoestrogens that replicate the functions of estrogen in your body. Also, this is among the widely used herbs that increase breast size. In fact, it is now available in different preparations such as serums, pills and creams. If you will be taking the capsule form, take it with a glass of milk for fast and easy absorption.

Increase Breast Size – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies


Lots of women want to have bigger breasts without having to go through the aspects of medical improvement there is a huge market for products that will certainly produce enhancement without surgical procedure.

Whenever there is a customer need for a product, there will be entrepreneurs which will attempt to come in and load it. They make persuading promotions that consist of everything from endorsements to clinical descriptions on how they work.

Herbal breast supplements are however like lots of other natural products, too good to be true. The companies may declare that their item can enhance breast size, but until there are clinical research studies that make trustworthy scientific information a woman may discover her finest investment is a marvel bra.

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And as always, thanks for stopping and reading our “herbs that increase breast size” report.

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