How to Get Bigger Breasts?

Are you a bit insecure and want to know how to get bigger breasts? You may have been desperate about this for a very long time.

So How to Get Bigger Breasts?

But the good news is it is possible to achieve bigger breasts without having to undergo surgical procedures.

3 Best Tips On How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

how to get bigger breasts

If you are not happy with your cup size and wish to make it bigger, here are some proven tips for you:

#1. Change Your Diet

Basically, breasts are mainly made of fatty tissues. When you gain weight, your breast size will also increase. So, if you have a desirable weight and can afford to gain a few pounds, you can always do so. This will certainly improve the size of your breast in a natural way.

Yet, there are women that carry their weight in a different manner. Some may have the extra fat straight to the breasts, but for some, these could go to other areas like thighs and abdomen.

To safely gain weight and make your breasts bigger, try the following:

  • Increase your intake of calories, but still consume healthy foods such as carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits etc.
  • Prevent consuming too high fats and sugar as these can be damaging to your health eventually.
  • Push through with your typical exercise regimen along with high caloric intake.

#2. Perform Some Breast Exercises

As mentioned, breasts are fatty tissues and they would not get bigger through exercise. However, exercising the muscles beneath could make your breasts look fuller and larger. Here are some exercises you can do:

  • Push-ups. Put your hands apart on shoulder width and face the ground. Make sure your body is straight and keep your hips from sagging. Lower down your body to the ground slowly. Then, with your arms, bring yourself to the starting position.
  • Modified push-ups. If doing the traditional push-ups is hard for you, try to modify it by resting your knees to the floor. Bend the elbows to bring your chest and face to the floor, then push yourself to the starting position.
  • Use the dumbbells. Lie down with your feet on the ground and knees bent. Extend both your arms sideways while holding a dumb bell. Raise your hands straight up to the ceiling and then go back to the starting position.

#3. Wear the Right Undergarments

At times, it is all about visual trickery. You can actually get bigger breasts by just doing the following:

  • Right size. Make sure that you are wearing the appropriate cup size. You may never know, but you may have been wearing the wrong size for many years. This has been a common problem of women who are not satisfied with their breast size. So, go ahead and visit a lingerie store and request the shop representative for the correct fitting.
  • Quality bra. Apart from the size, it is also advisable to invest in a quality bra. Take note that the flimsiest bra could make a D cup smaller. Also, make sure you wear the padded ones to enhance your cleavage and for an extra lift.


As you can see, there is no need to despair if your breast size is smaller than others. You can make get bigger breasts if you choose the right diet, perform the right exercises and wear the right bra.

You have reached the end of the tips on how to get bigger breasts without surgery, I hope you’ve got the idea here.

natural ways to increase breast size fast at home

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