How to Increase Breast Size Using Pueraria Mirifica

There are numerous ways of increasing your breast size, but I believe knowing how to increase breast size using Pueraria Mirifica will put you at par with Thailand women.

In this modern society, to be attractive and sexy, most women go through a lot of breast transplants to look impressive. The discouraging side effects and negative results might have led you to look for natural ways of increasing breast size.

Pueraria Mirifica – Origin and Interest

How to Increase Breast Size Using Pueraria Mirifica
As I have mentioned earlier that Pueraria Mirifica is an origin of Thailand which is also known as White Kwao Krua. Our main interest in this plant is its tuber which has provided extracts that are now used in making commercial skin care products. This product is mostly available as a moisturizer.

Why The Tuber?

You should know that the hormones in our bodies play an important role in our body especially in breast size control. The miraculous plant as they call it, contains phytoestrogens in its tuber. The plant hormones that we are talking about are similar to the estrogen we produce in our body. You should know that estrogen hormone has a big role in breast growth when a woman matures, produced in the ovaries.

One common source that contains this kind of hormone is the Soy. To our advantage, the amount of phytoestrogens in this plant is higher than the Soy. This information should not limit you on phytoestrogens but there are other necessary hormones like miroestrol which have center stage effects on body functions.

Modes of Usage

Other medical professionals may call them phyto-SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) because they control the estrogen present in a woman’s body. Traditionally, the tuber is crushed and used to spice native tea or made into a paste that can be applied on the breast. The tropical products are made for most of us since we cannot access the plant. There is a lot of research backing up the effect of the plant on the breast according to growth and also against cancer.

The commercial products made from Pueraria Mirifica are applied in daily dosage which should go hand in hand with your nutrition. The amount you take which vary from 20 mg to 250 mg by mouth dosage on daily terms. Tropical products on the other end require the application of the extract twice in a day around the breast skin until the prescribed amount is absorbed.

When Should You Not Use Pueraria Mirifica?

Your body condition will determine the side affects you get. If you are pregnant and lactating or a patient suffering from chronic disorders like asthma caution must be used when using these products. Since you did not know that the plant works naturally against breast cancer. Therefore, this information suggests that the plant if harmless when in use.


Using the right Pueraria Mirifica, the white kwao krua or kwao krua kau according to natives, will produce a side effect which is the breast enlargement. I still insist that your nutrition will depend on whether the plant will work according to your expectation. If you find discouragement in its use, just use it as a tool to fight breast cancer and you will discover how to increase breast size using Pueraria Mirifica in a simple way.

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