How to Increase Breast Size?

Have you always wondered about ways of how to increase breast size? Well, look no further, today you will learn about a variety of ways which will enable you to fulfil your desire of having larger breasts.

Why You Have Small Breasts

There are a variety of reasons why you may be having small breasts or rather breasts which are not as big as you would like them to be. The two main reasons are;

  • You may be suffering from a particular genetic disorder. This disorder could be inherited from your blood-line
  • There is also a possibility of your breasts being small as a result of a hormonal complication in your puberty stage. In this case, the best solution is seeking advice from an puberty stage who has special experience in the female hormonal complications.

Why You Need Larger Breasts

There are quite a number of reasons why having larger breasts may be good for you or your girlfriend. Some of the most common reasons include;

how to increase breast size

  • To enhance your natural beauty since larger breasts tend to look more physically attractive
  • You can also increase your breast size so that you can feel more of a woman and embrace your womanhood
  • If your breasts are not large enough, you may not be able to breast feed adequately or even completely, especially since your breasts may not be developing as well as they should.

Okay So How to Increase Breast Size?

Whatever reason you may have for wanting to increase the size of your breasts, here are 4 sure-fire ways in which you can naturally increase their size;

1. Regular Massages

This is considered to be among the best remedies that can naturally increase the size of your breasts. Massaging increases the blood circulation of your breasts as well as stimulating an increase in the production of prolactin, a hormone that enlarges the breast size. You could even increase the size of your breasts by one cup in a single month by regular 30 minute massages every day!

2. Exercises and Workouts

There is a wide range of body work outs which target the muscles around your breasts enabling them to have a firmer and enlarged appearance. They are very simple exercises which do not even cause a lot of strain to the body in their practice. Some of these workouts include the wall press, chest dips, wall ups and flys.

3. Consumption of Estrogenic Foods

The size of your breasts largely depends on the presence or the absence of some particular hormones within your body. For instance, the presence of testosterone, a masculine hormone could impede the growth of your breasts and lack of adequate oestrogen could have an identical effect to your breast size. Therefore, the secret is in consumption of foods that are rich in oestrogen since an increased amount of this hormone in the body regulates the hormonal levels. This eventually increases your breast size in such a short period of time. Foods rich in oestrogen include; eggs, legumes and sunflower seeds.

4. Diet Control

You should increase your intake of healthy fats such as those found in fish, avocados and nuts so that you can add weight to your breasts without gaining excess weight in the rest of your body. In addition, you should also incorporate supplements of amino acids and vitamin to help promote the development of your breast.


Try out this simple tips on how to increase breast size naturally and you will be greatly pleased by the end results!

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