The Most Common Breast Augmentation Side Effects

The reason why “fake” celebrities and socialites go in and out of surgeries in secret is to rectify certain breast augmentation side effects. Any foreign material, which has not been manufactured by the body, introduced into a human body is bound to pose a risk to the patient.

So What Are The Most Common Breast Augmentation Side Effects?

Here are the most common side effects of breast augmentation:

breast augmentation side effects

Breast Appearance

Without wasting time, let us look at some of the side effects that are common with all breast implant patients. First and foremost is the alignment of the breasts. You require a superhuman surgeon to ensure that your breasts look the same, just like twins. It also has an effect on the skin around the chest due to the tightening effect that cause folding, thinning or shrinking and deformation of the skin.

Sensitivity and Pangs

Secondly, you will hear cases of breast sensitivity and pains. This may be as a result of damaging of the present tissues and additional compression generated by the implant onto the blood vessels. Damaged blood vessels and slow healing also contribute to the painful sensation after surgery. This increase in weight of the breast due to gravity may also cause back pains. Scars developed during surgery can also cause pain as they heal. The healing process is marked with swelling and pains that indicate how the body is adapting to the adjustments.

Leakages and Rupture

Thirdly, the beast argumentation component either silicone gel or sterile salt water may leak into the breast. This leakage may cause the breast to shrink and also have chemical effects on the affected parts of the breast. Silicone leakage may form lumps that may cause pains as explained earlier. In the case of rapture, the tissues around the implant are largely affected.

Body Reaction Towards Foreign Bodies

Capsular contracture or distortion of the breast size is the fourth side effect which comes as a defense mechanism from the body that surrounds the breast. In case your breasts start getting hard, then a scar tissue has started developing. A tissue capsules what you will be fighting against all through your life trying to justify the citizenship of the foreign substance in your body. Another body reaction which would lead to breast distortion is the shifting of the implants, so you end up with a shapeless and unusual breast structure.

Lymphatic Effect

The fifth effect occurs when your wounds are exposed; infections may develop inside your breasts. This indirectly triggers lymph nodes to swell. In case of leakage, there are possibilities that the leaks may relocate to the lymph nodes around the arm pits which may cause inflammation depending on the reaction developed.


Lastly, you are bound to develop skin rashes which at times cause an itchy sensation. The pills used for medication can cause mild allergic reactions. I believe that breast augmentation is a challenge that one takes to the grave. You will come to understand that most of the side effects are related to silicone gel implants.

As small as you breast is, you should be in content with what you have; the more you have the expensive it gets. Dealing with breast augmentation side effects is another investment that needs constant input of capital to sustain its social benefits. Know the breast augmentation side effects and make the Decision!

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